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Cerebyte’s Blog, our ” Wisdom Journal.” This site was created to provide a source of web-based information and conversation on current ideas on organizational and personal change. How does it happen? What makes it so difficult? The hard parts, the fun parts – it’s all grist for our mill. Have you had an experience with change in your organization that was less than positive? We like to freely exchange ideas and look forward to exploring with you. We are William Seidman, Michael McCauley, and Rick Grbavac, and we’ll be sharing our blog with guests sometimes, too. Do you remember some of the companies that couldn’t change? I do. They’re gone now. Some were even the “late, great,” and I was sad to see them go. Best practices which were, in fact, static may have done them in. Organizations transform themselves by changing the people in them. Either you hire new people or get the ones you have to change. But what about “doing things the old way”? When those ways work, they must be transmitted to people coming in. “Positive deviants” are the people in your organization or group who, somehow, and maybe quirkily, manage to get it right – with the same tools as everyone else. The tricky thing to figure out is how to utilize those valuable people to teach and transmit their wisdom to the rest of us. We at Cerebyte love this stuff and hope you’ll join the conversation! – Bill]]>

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