Social intelligence and the biology of leadership

By William Seidman Daniel Goleman is a cochair of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, based at Rutgers’ Grad School of Applied and Professional Psychology. Richard Boyatzis is the H.R. Horvitz Chair of Family Business and a prof. in the depts of organizational behavior, psychology, and cognitive science at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. They are authors of a great article, “Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership,” in HBR this month. You can link to a video interview with Goleman there. Some of what’s in the article:

  • the role of mirror neurons in creating empathy between leaders ond others
  • the importance of a positive attitude
  • the important of being encouraging
  • an example of how an executive was coached into being a great leader
I’ve seen this in action, and seen it succeed.]]>

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