Captology: organizational transformation and persuasive technology

By Michael McCauley Captology – the discipline of  “Computers As Persuasive Technology” Changing an organization can be incredibly difficult. To create lasting transformation, many people must change their beliefs, values, and actions quickly and completely. How hard is that? Very! But these types of changes are exactly what persuasive technologies are designed to drive, although they have rarely been systematically applied to organizational transformations. Why is that? We believe that it’s because persuasive technology, which can be great, is not enough by itself. A compehensive change process is required. For 12 years, Cerebyte has worked to develop a proven methodology for organizational transformation that uses persuasive technology to accomplish change faster, more thoroughly, and with more predictability than previously thought possible. Find out more – read the entire article here, on the Cerebyte website.]]>

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