Driving organizational change in China and India

By William Seidman One of our partners in the work we do is Edward Ferris, Managing Partner at Charlesmore,  a management consulting and organizational strategic change firm.  One of the biggest challenges in organizational strategy is implementation – and this is where we at Cerebyte have so much to offer. Edward has been doing a lot of work in India, second only to China in growth in Asia. The global recession that started in the US is less noticeable in these two countries. China has been dialed back, but with four times the population of the US and a growing (rather than shrinking) middle class, we can still consider it strong. The reality of vast internal markets in these two countries (its citizens actually consume what their countries produce)  means that many businesses in China and India can continue to grow without, in fact, playing globally. This internal growth isn’t going to be perpetual, but for now it’s pretty significant. We are looking to companies in China and India for some great opportunities for our coaching for positive deviance, organizational change, and best practices – in whatever sector they are in.


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