Change has to be wanted for it to "stick"

By William Seidman Yesterday I led a webinar for the Ohio Heartland Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement. Julie Snyder and Tom Roach of “Leadership Beyond Limits” helped make it happen, and Suki McIntosh of OHISPI hosted. Our use of the science of positive deviance, best practices research, and change initiatives inspired a key question: Does our scientific approach to change frighten people who are reluctant to change?  My answer: Of course it does! People who don’t want to change resist any method that promises to help them to change. Our change process – any change process –  works only when people want to do something differently and are willing to work to make it happen. Training, videos, digital coaching technology, webinars, binders … none of this drives change with organizations and people who want to stay the same and work in the same old ways. Cerebyte‘s  success comes from working with organizations, companies, and people who want to change  – and want to know how to do it and make it “stick.”]]>

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