Saving lives via colorectal cancer screening

By William Seidman What do we have to do with colorectal cancer screening? We’re about positive deviance, organizational change, digital coaching, and management consulting, right?  Yes – and it’s especially gratifying when our program is used to save lives. We work with Peter Guttchen at Organizational Resources Group (ORG),  a longtime partner of Cerebyte. ORG uses our program, renamed for their purposes “IdeaNet Solution” (not to be confused with a lot of other “IdeaNet”s out there) – which in their words, “builds a sturdy bridge between planning and doing.”  Organizational Resources Group works closely with the American Cancer Society on a program for the screening of colorectal cancer. This disease is nearly always curable if detected early. But people are resistant to the idea of getting a colonoscopy, the single most effective screen for the disease. The screening test (recommended for anyone over age 50)  is comparatively expensive, requires some preparation, and is done under light sedation. It saves lives.  Even though colonoscopies need be done only once every ten years for healthy people, there is resistance toward any screening that reminds people of cancer. Using IdeaNet, The American Cancer Society is creating a program that will bring many more people into routine screening. This has terrific potential to save lives, and we’re thrilled to play a part.]]>

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