Wear your rose-colored glasses: a good mood is a Biological Reality and is also good for productivity, creativity, and vision

By William Seidman We have observed that there is a noticeable change in the speed and quality of learning when people are feeling good about themselves. Kim Cameron  in his book Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance  supports this. Now there is more specific research that shows that a good mood makes learning more effective .   A University of  Toronto  study by Drs. Taylor W. Schmitz, . Eve de Rosa, and Adam K. Anderson, “Opposing Influences of Affective State Valence on Visual Cortical Encoding,”  strongly suggests that “seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is more biological reality than metaphor.”  The study team used functional magnetic resonance imaging to look at how the visual cortex processes information when the subject is in a good,  bad, or neutral mood. Good moods enhance the size of the window through which we see the world. A bad mood shrinks creativity and productivity. This information is critical in terms of creating an organizational culture worth having.  For the good of your organization, learn to think positively!]]>

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