Finding positive deviants in unusual places (just look!)

By Michael McCauley Sometimes I find  positive deviants in places I might not have thought to look. If there’s an industry that’s  perceived to lack innovation and creativity,  it would be  estate planning .  Estate planning clients are very risk-averse. They want to preserve their wealth, and maximize the value that is passed down to the next generation.  Are there positive deviants  even in this conservative, risk-averse industry? You bet! Lee Brower is a great example.  I just finished reading  Brower’s  new book “The Brower Quadrant.” I have had the privilege of knowing Lee for several years now. He is incredibly engaging in person and his book is a great insight into his underlying beliefs. His “prescription” for living is something that anyone can benefit from, whether you’re in your teens or your 70’s. Lee has worked in the estate planning industry for many years, mainly focusing on high net worth clients. What makes him a positive deviant? Like positive deviants that we see in other industries, he has taken the conventional wisdoms and thrown them out the window. Instead of conceiving of estate planning as simply shielding financial assets, he sees it as optimizing all of a family’s assets, including their collective wisdom and experiences. In the estate planning industry, this is a pretty radical notion. Has he been successful? Absolutely! Again like other positive deviants, he has not only challenged the conventional wisdoms, he has created a vision around his approach that engages others. Do you think that your industry or specialty is too “cookie cutter” or too procedure-driven to have positive deviants? Do you think that performance has already been optimized in your company? Think again! If someone can begin a revolution in the estate planning industry, why not in your industry? You just have to keep your eyes open and really look for them. Positive deviants are out there.]]>

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