More on organizational change: attitude really IS everything

By Rick Grbavac Bringing about – and sustaining – change to any organization requires a series of shifts in thinking and behavior. It also requires people who have great attitudes. There’s little point in wasting time and money – and the goodwill of the people who are on board – trying to convince, cajole, or convert people with attitude problems. David Fox, Chairman & Chief Executive at PP Business Improvement, part of Power Panels Electrical Systems Ltd, puts it like this:

  • If a business wants to continuously improve its performance and productivity, it needs to start by recruiting the right people with the right attitude.
  • Traditional training is not the answer.
  • Training should not be considered a cost but an investment.
  • The attitudes and values need to be embraced by the entire enterprise, not just isolated pockets of individuals.
  • You can’t simply throw lots of money at improving business performance without first dealing with the people issues.
There’s really no better way to express it. Attitude IS everything!]]>

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