Inspired and energized by positive deviants

By William Seidman “Positive Deviance is based on the observation that in every community there are certain individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their peers, while having access to the same resources and facing similar or worse challenges.”  — The Positive Deviance Initiative It’s such a pleasure to work with positive deviants: they have energy and great ideas, and are consistently positive about themselves, their clients, and their company. It’s an energetic optimism stemming not from a Pollyanna view, but from intelligence, creativity,  and clear thinking. Someone then asked me how positive deviants effect change in an organization:

* Their positive energy excites others * Their customer-focus makes others more client-centric * Their efficiency at managing their work sets a great example * Their experiences in becoming so great are a path for others Positive deviants really are the best resource for companies who want to improve. Are you listening to yours?]]>

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