Both sides win in this tournament

By Michael McCauley Logo Tournament  uses the power of the internet to provide companies with logo designs. It used to be that a company would work with a single artist or design shop to create their logo.  It costs a lot and is usually a slow process, as anyone who’s gone through it will tell you. This site turns the tables. You post your request for a new logo as a “contest.” Your contest includes information on your company, a description of what you do and/or want, the time limit you have and the fee you’ll pay. Then anyone can submit a design. You pay only the designer who submits the design you select. With this approach, you have hundreds or even thousands of designers creating ideas for you – and you get to pick the best one! Is this the future of the service industry? I think it could be, especially where the client’s needs are easily defined or the solution requires great creativity. Why not have as many creative people as possible working to solve your problem?   This approach offers advantages for the service providers too. Now anyone can have access to any organization, essentially bidding for their business with your talent. It creates a highly competitive environment, but one in which the best could certainly prosper. What do you think?]]>

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