Why Organizational Change expert Richard Kramer recommends our book

By William Seidman

We were glad to learn that Richard Kramer of ORG, Organizational Resource Group, likes our book and was impressed with our research, data, methods, and results.  We’re happy to share his writeup with you:

Strategy to Action in 10 Days-Creating High Performance Organizations

Are you a leader charged with making a significant organizational change? Is there a lot resting on your ability to make changes within your organization in a short period of time that have holding power?  Have you been disappointed with change efforts in the past that haven’t produced desired results?  Imagine a way of approaching organizational change that starts from understanding how your best performers do what they do and securing that knowledge.  Traditional efforts often start with new concepts and approaches from experts outside the organization.  Imagine an approach that requires mid management to have a central role in the change effort. An approach that provides the support and structure to enable them to consistently coach and support staff across an organization, even across a country, in a consistent manner.

 Traditional approaches often leave the mid management out as observers, with minimal ownership of an initiative.

 Imagine a change management approach that has an accountability aspect that allows a leader to know, on one computer screen, how a national deployment is going. 

 Traditional approaches have struggled with timely and meaningful accountability.  We are pleased to introduce to our friends and clients a new book by William Seidman, Ph.D. and Michael McCauley of Cerebyte called Strategy to Action in 10 Days- Creating High Performance Organizations.  We, at ORG, have worked with William and Michael for several years, working to shape strategies of securing knowledge and using this to improve organizational performance.  In their new book, based on a fascinating combination of science, they discuss an approach to improving an organization’s performance that is truly unique and effective.  If you are looking to stay ahead of the performance curve, I encourage you to add this book to your library.  — Richard Kramer, Organizational Resource Group It’s always good to be reviewed well, and we appreciate it.

Richard Kramer


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