When same-old, same-old needs a transformation: changing company culture

By William Seidman I’m working with a group of very competent, smart managers now. I’m coaching them to unlearn certain practices that, frankly, aren’t working anymore. Our challenge: to change the culture of the company from one that fills orders and generally meets customer expectations — a transactional approach — into one that anticipates future needs and can propose new and creative solutions that please customers and energize managers. (And can still fill those orders!)  This new approach can be called transformational. While the managers I’m working with may talk about making the organization transformational, like so many of us they tend to return to their comfort zone and stick with same-old, same-old business processes that are fundamentally transactional. They’re constantly surprised when they don’t achieve their objectives. Do you want your company to merely meet needs — or to be a vitally important resource? Fortunately, these managers are learning the Cerebyte approach and to think and to function like positive deviants —  transformationally. We coach managers to think like their best positive deviants: that’s where the creativity is. Managers who are empowered to think freshly are happier and more productive. We know that fresh thinking is an art and a craft that can be taught and learned.]]>

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