Cerebyte partners with the Berry Company

By William Seidman We’re excited about working with The Berry Company LLC , a leading local search services provider, to support Berry’s transformation from a legacy print publisher to a multi-platform lead generator for small and medium-sized businesses. Using our TRANSFORM process, we’ll be using the talents of Berry’s top sales consultants to ensure that its entire workforce is equipped to meet the local search needs of clients in the digital age. The Cerebyte TRANSFORM process, which applies scientific theories regarding human behavior and the importance of modeling best practices after top-performing employees (those “positive deviants” I talk about so often) will improve the way Berry sells, fulfills, and provides its services, which includes digital products. Berry has a legacy of a strong and vibrant sales organization, which has made it easy for us to identify star performers who will help ensure that the entire workforce becomes local-search lead experts. Already implemented in nine of Berry’s 10 regions, this comprehensive approach made possible the rollout of  “BerryLeads,”  a new business model designed to simplify local search campaigns by providing multi-platform solutions that are effective, affordable and measurable. Linda Martin, Berry’s chief operating officer, has said, “With Cerebyte’s help, our organization is trained, equipped and ready to meet the evolving search needs of today’s clients. Our clients are now able to benefit from local search capabilities in multiple platforms — print, online and mobile — at any location — at home or on-the-go.”]]>

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