Keeping the lights on at Hawaii Electric

By Rick Grbavac Bill and I recently returned from doing a Wisdom Discovery with some great front-line managers at  Hawaii Electric Company.  I am always impressed, when we go into a company, by the passion for their job that its positive deviants express.  In HECO’s case, that passion comes out in the mantra, “We keep the lights on.” It’s a powerful phrase, with meaning far greater than the obvious purpose of their mission: keeping the people of Hawaii supplied with the power they need to live and work.  Keeping the lights on – being open to new ideas, brightening people’s lives, and being able to see into the distance – is a vision for the community.  All these ideas came to my mind as we found out what made these managers so good.  It was humbling to think about the impact they make every day on the people they serve.  We all could work at “keeping the lights on” in our jobs and home lives.  It will make for a brighter and clearer future.]]>

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