Retail success: motivating transformative change

By William Seidman If an organization’s leader can motivate each employee to embrace the desired values, standards, norms and operating processes, change will occur and “stick.” But how does one motivate change?  Utilize a concise, high-energy statement of the positive deviant’s greater social good created by focusing on customer connection as the catalyst to engage others in the change process. When presented correctly, this statement causes retail personnel — for example — to feel honored to be part of providing customers with extraordinary buying experiences. In addition, they see themselves as essential contributors to the overall success of the organization. In turn, by writing down personalized, positive images of the statement, team members are more open to new ideas and learn them more quickly even while their natural resistance to change is suppressed. People feel that a profound commitment to store success is their idea, and that the customer connection is critical for the entire organization.  Watch: ]]>

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