Our book "Strategy to Action in 10 Days: Creating High Performance Organizations" earns some rave reviews

By William Seidman It feels great when people doing great work, themselves,  like your book enough to tell you and prospective readers. From Jim Kirkpatrick, Senior Consultant at  Kirkpatrick Partners and co-author of Training on Trial: “Strategy to Action in 10 Days is a joy to read. It is very reader-friendly. Concepts, best practice examples, and tips are laid out clearly and are easy to understand. The model is sound, practical, and reasonable to implement. While targeted action can indeed be underway within 10 days by following these principles and techniques, the focus on sustainability will ensure that the upfront investment will add ultimate Level 4 value to the bottom line.”  This from Rear Admiral Donna L. Crisp, United States Navy (Ret.), CEO,  C-State SolutionsStrategy to Action in 10 Days by William Seidman and Michael McCauley is a roadmap for success.  The steps outlined in this book leverage your organization’s brilliant hard chargers (positive deviants) as they rapidly lay out a spot-on strategy that is aligned with your vision and goals. Your own staff takes the organization across the finish line and delivers results.   This book outlines a surefire way to get your organization and leaders engaged and delivering higher levels of performance. ” Find out for yourself — buy Strategy to Action in 10 Days and let us know your thoughts.]]>

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