Prediction for 2011: smart organizational leadership for US companies required

By William Seidman Do you have a business prediction for 2011?  I didn’t need a crystal ball to arrive at mine. I just looked at what so many US companies have been doing for the past few years.  Driven by recession fears and general financial conservatism to simply cut costs without regard for performance improvements, many US companies have accumulated high cash reserves. They haven’t been willing to invest in performance improvements, and have no plans to invest any time soon. US companies are going to realize that, while they’ve stagnated, others, particularly Chinese and Indian companies, have been growing. During the last 2 years, global markets have changed and will change more — in directions that do not favor the US. Smart companies are going to realize that they have neglected developing the leadership required to lead the changes needed to be globally competitive. A few will look to their positive deviant leaders to create powerful leadership programs. These are the companies that will survive. Smart companies will make transformational leadership a focus in 2011. Do you have a prediction?  Share it below. Thanks.]]>

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