When transformational programs really work

By William Seidman Just finished a tour of several programs we’re deploying in various US cities, including highly technical programs like data analysis and software quality assurance. They also included leadership and sales transformation programs. I spoke to 40-50 end-users and managers and found that we’re getting great results. Almost to a person, they said that the Cerebyte approach was the single best learning experience they’ve ever had. Naturally I asked them, “Why?” The answers: 

  • Companies’ positive deviants already had the language and the ability to address real issues — a “head start.”
  • By stressing the “make the learning work for you” approach, the exercise becomes immediate and applicable
  • We stressed group coaching because  people learn a lot from each other and it feels immediate and real.
 So the feedback was pretty amazing and the program sponsors were thrilled. We also talked about the “meta-learnings” of the program including team members:
  • taking more ownership for their own learning
  • becoming much more conscious of their jobs
  • becoming more skilled at trade-off decisions
  • becoming more like a transformational leaders
 There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for the next stages. I’m looking forward to them, too.]]>

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