Organizational change, psychology, and neuroscience

By William Seidman I’ve been asked to contribute an article, on psychology’s role in organizational change,  to a good psychology journal. I was flattered to be asked, but I have to admit that it’s tough. Here’s why: So many topics that used to be clearly within the realm of psychology are now better explained by neuroscience. For example, neuroscience research, like some of psychology, has much to offer re:  the impact of positive imagery on neurotransmitters.  Our thoughts can and do affect our brains. It’s not a research hunch; it’s been shown in neuroscientific studies. It’s exciting that the neuroscience reports cite hard, empirical data showing that using self-directed positive imagery causes certain specific changes in the brain. I suspect that a lot of what we now think of as organizational psychology is going to be obsolete soon. Or will it merely be renamed and repackaged? It’s hard to write an article with the message “Get a new job.”]]>

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