When a company does it right

By William Seidman We recently had a great experience working with The Berry Company Customer Service organization based in Dayton, Ohio . Berry is a company that’s enacting change the right way. The Problem: Customer service was overloaded. They knew they needed to do things differently. In addition to hiring more people and a new director of customer services, they brought us in to make sure that all of the customer service reps were really good at their job. Our process: About three months ago, we assembled a group of ten great customer service reps and their managers. In the three-day Wisdom Discovery together we built a set of best practices on how to be a great customer service rep in support of the new environment. The Deployment:  We began the initial deployment to 70 customer service reps in two locations last week. The VP of customer service was there to give a passionate kick-off. The Director of customer service followed and he, too, really hit home. We trained five coaches in the Cerebyte process and led six group “coaching sessions” in three days. Everyone was incredibly engaged. Most importantly, Berry’s director of customer service was in the room a lot of the time and was immediately able to respond to several critical issues. The leadership, managers and customer service reps were unified around the importance of getting better, utilizing the best practices and were truly committed to a successful deployment process. There was a sense from each person that they were going to be great. And they will be… what a pleasure!]]>

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