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By William Seidman We’re constantly reading, listening, and sharing ideas. Some noteworthy blogs and  posts from the week: The People Equation by Jennifer V. Miller. In Are You an Opinion Leader?  Jennifer challenges us to ask: “Who are the most respected and influential individuals regardless of job title in our organization?” If you think your colleagues would list you at least 10 times, you might be an “opinion leader.” An opinion leader often has traits of the positive deviant. Employee Engagement: Get on the Change Grid.  David Zinger asks “Can you differentiate what is needed to change behavior one time versus from now on?”  This post highlights The Fogg Behavior Grid which describes 15 ways behavior can change…which aligns with our own 4 Steps to Transformational Best Practices.  Great post for anyone searching for a set of tools to help them make a lasting change.  Steve Roesler’s All Things Workplace. Steve asks an excellent question: Is Everyone Coachable?  Steve’s Five Characteristics Of Coachability:  1. Committed to Change 2. Open to information about themselves 3. Open about themselves 4. Appreciate New Perspectives 5. Awareness about one’s self and others  Becky Robinson’s Weaving Influence. Robinson asks, rhetorically,  I Don’t Need to be a Superhero (Do I?) In this post she explores what makes a person a real leader: action over inaction,  involvement over detachment,  influence over observation and passion over passivity. Let us know what you’ve been reading.]]>

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