Tim Kerrigan joins Cerebyte's team

By William Seidman Often an organization’s leadership knows that things need fixing but have no idea where to begin. Performance (and numbers) may be seriously lagging, morale might be off – but the solutions are often elusive to executives. Performance improvement initiatives are one of the things Cerebyte does best, and to that end we’ve added marketing specialist Tim Kerrigan to our team. Tim’s worked in a variety of sectors and with companies of all sizes, including the Dunthorpe Marketing Group here in Oregon.  He combines deep and broad experience in hospitality and restaurants, education, health care and gaming with a thorough understanding of how companies and organizations can improve performance. He’s insightful and wise. Tim will be talking to corporate executives and managers, helping them identify what needs changing and, then, how to go about it. We’re excited to have him.]]>

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