Affirmative Leadership™ : why you want it and how to get it

By William Seidman  We’re excited about our new program, “Affirmative Leadership™.” Affirmative Leadership™ is based on a positive approach to the real world of organizational leadership — a world of uncertainty, limited information and courage. We developed Affirmative Leadership using the Cerebyte approach and have tested it with many companies.  We’ve seen its effectiveness. Affirmative Leaders ™ sense opportunities with extraordinary purpose. Affirmative  leadership taps positive deviants to define best practices using positive images, and those positive images drive neural response. Highly supportive positive group coaching  ensures both initial motivation and sustained learning. Get the idea?  Affirmative Leadership™ is about doing something right the first time. We create a leadership-rich environment:

  • We help executives to sense a vision, create a story for that vision, and help others to get on board
  • We show middle managers and team leaders how to guide teams through transformations
  • Individual contributors must innovate and influence, growing personally and helping others to do so, too
When you combine these, you create what we call a leadership rich-environment, which is an amazing place to work. Talk to us if you want to know what Affirmative Leadership™ can do for your organization.]]>

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