Teach leaders how to really lead: the value of group process and moral authority

By William Seidman I’m working with two companies whose leadership teams have wholeheartedly supported performance improvement initiatives.  The executives on these teams were fully on board; money and time was spent and now, middle managers and others in the companies are ignoring the initiative and the strategies that were recommended and supported by leadership. What’s going on when leaders cannot lead? We’ve observed that most executives are unwilling to make decisions unilaterally and to fire managers who don’t align. And yes – the old-school dictatorial style of leadership has been found to be ineffective in the long run. So it’s clear that executives need to learn to lead, but how? There are charismatic leaders, but they do not necessarily know how to lead with moral authority and good group process.  They flounder and the organization doesn’t progress, because moral authority and group process are two key ingredients for successful organizational change. It’s an essential part of the Cerebyte approach.]]>

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