Thinking transformationally: the right woman for the job

By William Seidman Sometimes people at the top make great, forward-thinking decisions and you want to cheer!  It just happened. A woman we’ve worked with for a long time at a high tech company was just promoted and is now heading a significant change to the company’s sales force. She has a different view of the project than most of the other candidates did. She thinks strategically and about change being cultural (transformational) rather than merely about tools (transactional). Even the executive who hired her talks about the project as a significant business process change – and the change being about developing and deploying a new set of tools. She definitely sees the project the way I do — as a significant cultural transformation. That’s a lot more than tools. The other candidates for the job were all tool people.  Lasting, significant organizational change requires transformational leadership, which is much bigger than a new toolbox. Kudos to the executive who saw the importance of this and hired the right person for the job.]]>

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