How to develop a sales training program that really works

By William Seidman I’ve worked with sales rep and sales leadership development for more than 15 years and have developed a methodology based on the newest research on “positive deviance” and neuroscience. Develop a great, highly effective training program by doing the following: 1. Learn what the positive deviants — your top performers — are thinking and doing. Positive deviant sales people think of the sales process in terms of achieving a compelling social purpose for their customers and their organization. They sincerely want to create a greater social good for all stakeholders and they very efficiently align their behaviors to support that purpose. 2. Give sales people time to actually practice the correct attitude and behaviors with real customers. Reality is so much more powerful as a learning device than “training.” An organization is much better off giving the learner the positive deviant mental model and tips and encouraging its use in real situations. 3. Support the new learning via peer group discussions and systematic journaling of learnings. This drives reflective learning, which is much faster and complete than traditional training. If an organization does just these three things for its sales training, every salesperson can be a great salesperson.      ]]>

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