Confidence greatest in tech sector leaders

By William Seidman A 12-country study done by the Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor found that, globally, Europeans and Americans are pretty disillusioned with their business, political and religious leaders. Leaders did better in emerging markets. Tech sector leaders did best of all. This is from the Ketchum report: • Business leaders beat politicians, not-for-profit and religious leaders. More than a third of respondents said they were more confident in business leaders than a year ago, with 36% viewing business as providing effective leadership (receiving an “excellent” rating of 8 or above on a scale of 0-10) and 48% seeing them as effective communicators. • Within the business community, knowledge-based industries were perceived as having the most effective bosses. Ranked highest on leadership effectiveness was technology, with a 44% approval rating, followed by media (39%) and telecommunications (36%). • Crisis response is seen as the most important area for business leaders to communicate personally (53%), followed by financial results (48%), and the state of the business (40%). So why the higher opinions of business leaders? My recent experiences of business leaders is that they’re pretty dismal, too, but they have better PR firms and there is a strong myth that business leaders are good. Business leaders have cash and cash covers a world of sins. Very few people really know much about leading.  ]]>

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