Unexpected leadership

By William Seidman At Cerebyte we often talk about a leadership-rich environment and a culture of greatness. We recently finished a Cerebyte program for a highly technical group of software engineers. These engineers would be described by most people as technical experts, and perhaps technical leaders, but not generalized leaders. The goal of the program was to guide these engineers into a broader leadership role within the organization. In the final closing session, the engineers had a lot to say about themselves and the program. A common refrain was that the program created passion and showed the importance of passion to leadership. Many participants shared that they were challenged and guided out of their comfort zones, and though it wasn’t easy, it was a positive step forward. Several expressed that they had built a strong network and learned to influence their peers. Others felt that they had built personal credibility, strong leadership skills, and increased their personal confidence. All participants felt that they had learned their true value to the organization as leaders, and learned a lot about themselves. Imagine an entire organization like these engineers. What a great place to work!  ]]>

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