Why content is so important to great coaching

By William Seidman Trying to teach people to be coaches without identifying and utilizing the most important content they will be teaching is like going through a museum on roller skates. Coaches may glimpse what they need to know, but won’t learn it. After your top performers, or positive deviants, have spelled out the most important things to understand in order to be a great leader, your potential coaches need to learn how to identify these and make sure they know how to teach them. Learning the core content and then teaching it to others means coaches need to consistently refer to the content to make sure learners understand the key points. They must be careful not to re-invent the wheel by changing the process or the content. They also must teach the key concepts in sequence. This technique adheres to the neuroscience of learning by chunking content into small, easy-to-process conceptual units. By following the sequence and always using the expert content as a foundation, almost anyone can become a great coach.  ]]>

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