Affirmative Leadership Workshops: Discover the joy of learning

By William Seidman Humans are at their best when they are deeply motivated to achieve something greater than themselves. When people have this motivation, they work incredibly hard to become great at what they do. Great leaders are motivated this way and inspire others to have similar feelings. Far too much of organizational learning extinguishes these motivations and in doing so creates barriers to leadership development. We design and run “Affirmative Leadership Launch Workshops,” using science to guide people to discover something dormant in themselves: their love for learning. As their love of learning flourishes, they easily learn many of the attitudes and behaviors of great leaders. As one participant put it: “This was totally different than what I expected but I loved it. I have never felt so appreciated as a learner and a potential leader. I loved being able to drive my own program, and thought what is in the program is great.” The Launch workshop is only the first step in a process that takes months, but it is a powerful step toward something of great value for any organization: a culture where everyone is a self-directed learner and a great Affirmative Leader. But there is an even more important impact of a Launch Workshop that comes from being a self-directed learner and leader, expressed by Mayumi, a first-line customer service manager from a Japanese company: “That was the fastest six hours of training I have ever experienced. It was quick, engaging and just plain fun. I look forward to what comes next.” Interested in learning more? Get in touch.  ]]>

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