Introducing Cerebyte’s Sustainer™

By William Seidman Even with great learners and effective learning programs, making learning stick for the long run can be a challenge. Cerebyte’s Sustainer™  is a web application that transforms the content from your learning program into a series of effective exercises that reinforce complete learning. Like Cerebyte’s other learning programs, Sustainer™ makes use of the latest neuroscience of learning. The program supports self-managed learning groups, individual self-directed learning and coach-led groups. Learners review key concepts from your original learning program and then apply the concepts to their real work situations. Summary dashboards show executives and managers how the employee is progressing through the learning exercises. In this way, the organization can see what each employee has learned and how the knowledge is being applied. Real-time updates to learning program content can also be made. New business procedures, marketing literature or any new information can be sent to learners in real time. The application can also be scaled to thousands of learners simultaneously anywhere in the world. Ensure that all of your employees get the most from your learning with Sustainer™.  ]]>

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