Discover (or rediscover) the soul of your organization

By William Seidman In our article “Rediscovering the Corporate Soul”  we assert that some organizations constantly show passion, commitment and the ability to achieve sustained success. These organizations have a “soulful” quality about them; there is a feel or a buzz that is noticeable and memorable. However, too many companies seem disorganized, unfocused and unproductive. Where’s their soul? There are several benefits to having a soulful company. New employees are assimilated into the organization’s culture much quicker, becoming key contributors and valued team members almost immediately. Overwhelmed managers can more easily focus on those actions that are most critical to customers, reducing stress and leading the organization toward higher quality products and services. Sales and profits are greatly enhanced through a direct linkage between employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and organizational performance. Where do you find the soul within your company? An organization’s top performers are the primary keepers and supporters of the corporate soul. The evidence is overwhelming that unity of purpose at the most profound level is perhaps the single most important determinant of sustained success. That unity is available to any company, any time, in their top performers who constantly maintain and refresh the soul of the corporation. All that is needed for any corporation to be soulful, and to reap the huge benefits of being soulful, is to really listen to their top performers. It is an incredibly easy thing to do, whether or not your company is already soulful. In a word: listen.  ]]>

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