IT: make it a true customer service department

By William Seidman Information Technology, IT. Most non-IT people dislike the IT department, mainly because IT departments tend to be focused on technology and not customers. The most successful IT departments are, however, very customer-focused. So how can an IT executive make their organization more customer-service focused? Naturally, the single most important factor is that the senior management team actually believes in the value of customer service. If senior management provides great service to their personnel, and make it a priority to emphasize the importance of customer service, IT will begin to be more focused on customer service. While the management team’s commitment is a good start, it is only a start. In order to implement customer service throughout the organization, each individual needs to make a personal commitment to service and to actually provide great service, which few may know how to do. This can be a particular challenge in organizations with many IT people. In today’s highly competitive business environment, IT groups must be customer-focused in order to be successful. IT must focus on customers, reducing both their planning and project execution time by as much as 80%. Read more in our article, “Developing Devoted IT Customers.”  ]]>

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