Make learning stick with sustainer™

By William Seidman Cerebyte’s Sustainer™  is a web-based application that takes the content from an organization’s leadership training program and provides a series of effective reinforcing exercises that drive complete learning. Sustainer™ is based on Cerebyte’s philosophy of Affirmative Leadership, a proven methodology that creates leadership programs tailored to each company’s own unique strengths and needs. Using the latest neuroscience of learning, the application provides participants with an exciting yet demanding program of ongoing applied learning. Through reflective learning processes, participants review key concepts from your prior learning program (that one you paid so much for!)  and are guided to apply those concepts to their real work. This e-learning tool provides executives, managers, and learning and development organizations direct insight into their learners’ progress. Summary dashboards show progress on completed learning exercises so that the organization knows what each employee has learned and how the knowledge is being used. Sustainer™ gives organizations the capability to provide all of their learners with real-time updates to learning program content. New concepts, business procedures, marketing literature—any new information—can be sent to learners in real time through Sustainer™. The technology can also be scaled to thousands of learners at very low cost anywhere in the world. Make your learning stick. Learn more about Cerebyte’s Sustainer™.  ]]>

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