Why Use Cerebyte’s Sustainer™?

By William Seidman Too often, organizations spend huge amounts of money on training classes for their employees without really knowing whether the classes were effective. Many fail to determine whether participants successfully completed the training. Even fewer have a method to measure whether the training resulted in improved business performance—which is, after all, the basis for the time invested and the money spent. What about long-term effectiveness? Studies have shown that after just a few months, people can recall only about 10-20 percent of what they learned in a training class. Most training classes last just a few hours or a few days, so how could they possibly achieve long-term results? In order to reinforce and sustain learning for the long haul, our training programs have small weekly exercises extending over four to five months. Several of our clients wanted even more follow-up learning tasks, however. They requested refreshers or reference guides that would support practical application of their newfound knowledge. In response, we created Sustainer™,   a web application that takes the guesswork out of the training program you’ve already spent time and money on. Through optimized learning tasks and practical application, participants review key concepts from that prior learning program and are guided to apply those concepts in their real jobs. With Sustainer™, there’s no more wondering whether your employees completed the training program, whether the training has improved their day-to-day job performance, or whether the training has resulted in lasting performance improvement. Sustainer™ provides ongoing learning, the ability to correlate training to business objectives, and complete transparency so that individual learning progress is visible to coaches and executives. Don’t waste another dime on quick leadership classes that will be forgotten tomorrow. Learn more about Sustainer™ today.  ]]>

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