Five tips for high performance

By William Seidman 1. Leadership is a science There is hard neuroscience and psychology that can tell you what works and what doesn’t. Our library has a number of useful articles to get you started. 2. Focus on the positive Negative forms of motivation and leadership can damage your workplace relationships and are ineffective for motivating your best workers. In the past, we’ve talked about the Four Positives – positive deviance, positive images, positive practice and positive reflection. When used correctly, these will motivate real change. 3. Make change ‘stick’ Many companies want to centrally motivate company-wide change, but It’s hard to generate real, lasting change from the top-down. Change needs to feel organic and grassroots. Cerebyte believes that sometimes, you can have it both ways: methods of mass customization allow you to use the best of mass production and the best of local adaption to get the best of both worlds. 4. Leverage technology to your advantage Technology can very easily be a distraction from what it is you’re actually trying to do. For example, Twitter is a powerful tool for social change and marketing, but it can also be a huge waste of time. Make sure the technologies you’re using work to your advantage – something like Cerebyte’s Sustainer™ has clear applications and tangible benefits. 5. Break the rules None of these tips will matter if you’re not willing to take chances or go against conventional wisdom when the need arises. The best performers are the innovators, and sometimes you have to trust your gut. Cerebyte is dedicated to delivering high performance and to learning from the stars in your organization. We hope this helps you get the ball rolling.    ]]>

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