The Star Factor: steps to affiirmative leadership

By William Seidman Historically, leadership is something we ascribe to people after the fact – they were succesful in politics, or business, or war, and therefore they are good leaders. This has given the quality of ‘leadership’ something of a mystical overtone. Either you have it or you don’t. Some people are ‘natural born leaders.’ Of course, some people are meant to lead and some people are not, but many of these behaviors are learned, not simply inherited, and that’s where affirmative leadership takes over. Through our process of affirmative leadership, Cerebyte has developed a four-step process for identifying and capitalizing on those people who simply ‘have what it takes.’ There are clear signs you can identify and understand and simple steps you can take to start harnessing that power. You don’t have to just wait and see who is going to perform. You can seek out, develop and nurture those traits in your workers by using our affirmative leadership methodology. There are four steps to affirmative leadership:

  1. Discover – identify and work with your star performers
  2. Prepare – work with those positive exemplars to create a program
  3. Launch – begin the process of teaching those effective techniques to everyone on the team, and
  4. Guided practice – make sure that your workers retain the information and skills they learned in the program
Affirmative leadership takes some of the guesswork out of being a leader – by identifying and utilizing your star performers, you can transfer their effective techniques and qualities to the rest of your workplace, a process that Cerebyte has helped facilitate at dozens of different companies. We’re so convinced that it’s a great system that we wrote a book about it: The Star Factor.  ]]>

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