Scalable methodologies: The Star Factor

By William Seidman business team work worldwideIt’s relatively easy to teach new affirmative leadership techniques to small groups of people – six is no big deal, a dozen, still not a problem, but once you start to get to larger numbers, it gets difficult to scale the learning experiences effectively, especially in companies that are distributed globally, across many different countries or cities. Our book The Star Factor deals specifically with the problem of scaling, and how to make your hard-earned learning initiatives work over large distances and with large numbers of people. Developing a scaling system that is both cost-effective and culturally aware can be very difficult. Inexpensive delivery to large numbers of people can be accomplished, but you may sacrifice any significant impact. The opposite is just as likely to happen if you don’t have a well-designed and sophisticated scaling system in place. Many of the solutions to these problems are technological – in The Star Factor we talk about using cutting-edge web video meeting applications, persuasive methodologies and mass customization to get the job done. As with other aspects of affirmative leadership, the key to effective and scalable methodologies is about using your star performers, managers, coaches and positive exemplars effectively. You want to use technologies that will allow these people to stay at the center of the action, to let them do what they do best and helping them to distribute those qualities and techniques over large distances and to large numbers of people. Building an infrastructure of trained coaches and leadership professionals can speed up the rate of deployment for new ideas without reducing impact. In an increasingly global marketplace, keeping your workplace running at peak efficiency can be a daunting task, but The Star Factor contains the tools and methods required to make it work, no matter how big or scattered your workers might be.  ]]>

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