How to help dysfunctional executive teams

By William Seidman I’ve spent most of the last 15 years helping to create high performing organizations, including reforming meeting cultures. The key to making meetings more productive is to change the underlying organizational culture of distrust and dysfunction by collectively developing a powerful, effective purpose for the organization. I don’t mean lame mission statements, but a statement that expresses the compelling social good that organization should generate. Once this the purpose is in place, the organization can systematically establish and execute a plan for achieving the mastery required to achieve their purpose. When purpose and mastery are in place, everyone is aligned on what needs to be done and is good at doing it;  mutual trust flourishes. Everyone is working together in every way and meetings become about how to help each other and the whole organization achieve greatness. Focus on purpose and mastery and the meeting culture naturally changes for the better…and won’t that be great for all of us!  ]]>

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