Build a culture of greatness (it really can be done)

By William Seidman THE STAR FACTOR Manuscript 061314-1Sometimes the tenets of affirmative leadership can feel a little ‘out there,’ couched in neuro- or social scientific language.  At its core, affirmative leadership, and our book The Star Factor, are about producing results. At one microchip company that made use of our affirmative leadership techniques, customer service personnel improved their forecasting accuracy so well that overall profits improved by $50 million. By instituting the changes and techniques involved in affirmative leadership and harnessing your star power, you are laying the foundation for a culture of greatness. The Star Factor includes dozens of examples of  high-ranking employees in large companies who consistently describe the effects of affirmative leadership as almost magical. I know, that sounds a bit strange. But it’s not,  because, if done correctly, affirmative leadership works by building new habits, behaviors and attitudes from subtle, interrelated influences. There is a synergistic effect. What are you doing to nurture your employees?    ]]>

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