Are you at a pivot point in your career?

pivotsIn “5 Pivotal Decisions That Can Make (Or Break) Your Career” on, Rodger Dean Duncan interviewed Julia Tang Peters, a leadership consultant and coach. Peters has a background in clinical psychology and focuses on the specific behaviors that produce successful leadership. She has a new book coming out in May, “Pivot Points: Five Decisions Every Successful Leader Must Make.” Peters explained that in her work with senior executives, she found that much of leadership is about making decisions—not just everyday decisions, but pivotal decisions that change the course of the leader’s story. She identified five pivot points, or “five opportunities where you make the story instead of the story making you.” “The five pivotal decisions are really about the five questions everyone should ask about their work and career,” Peters explained. “These decisions stand out because by making them, you are holding yourself accountable for what matters to you. Because of that, pivot decisions can unloose a surprising reserve of energy and leadership potential and end up producing outcomes exceeding your goals.” The five pivot points are: 1. The launching decision: What do you want to be great at? A commitment is made to master a subject and do more than just your job. 2. The turning point decision: What do you want to solve or improve? Identifies an important opportunity or problem. 3. The tipping point decision: What barrier stands between you and the next level? This is about breaking through a fundamental barrier. 4. The re-commitment decision: After about 20 years of working, everyone asks, “What’s next?” The focus is on purpose-driven leadership. 5. The letting go decision: How do you leave a legacy and move on? This facilitates new sustainable leadership as well as letting go and moving on. Read the full interview with Peters at]]>

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