Everyone is a customer service provider

customerserveU.S. News & World Report recently published a list of “The 22 Best Business Jobs of 2014.” These were chosen as having strong prospects and security in the business sector. Customer Service Representative came in at number 21. “This job isn’t just about fielding complaints,” according to the website, “but also problem-solving and people-pleasing. Patience is a valuable asset.” Many people rely on the customer service department to take care of the customer without realizing that, in today’s competitive market, everyone has to be a customer service provider. If you really care about overall corporate success, then everyone in your company has to focus on providing great service and developing devoted customers. Based on our research in a wide variety of customer service environments, the top performing service providers: • Solve their customers’ most critical business problems • Interpret corporate initiatives in ways that create significant excitement for themselves, their team and, ultimately, their customers • Know that great customer service requires excellence in all aspects of a complex, comprehensive interaction with their customer • Always begin with improving the people focus and skills of their team • Focus on overall repetitive behavioral patterns, not specific people or issues • Live by service behaviors that are very explicit • Continuously monitor the team’s attitude and behaviors and the customer’s response Naturally, the single most important factor is that the senior management team actually believes in the value of customer service. If senior management provides great service to its personnel and makes it a priority to emphasize the importance of customer service, everyone will begin to be more focused on customer service.]]>

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