The happiest companies to work for

happyWith the help of CareerBliss, a jobs website that offers reviews and ratings of companies to help prospective employees identify the “highest bliss rated companies,” Forbes did an article on the happiest places for young employees to work. You might be surprised to see which companies head the list. Bank of America? American Express? Yep, large, traditional companies such as these nabbed the top positions. CareerBliss used more than 15,000 reviews to evaluate more than 8,000 companies using guidelines such as the nature of an employee’s daily work, an employee’s relationship with their manager and coworkers, company culture, office setting, opportunities for growth, and the support and rewards an employee feels they receive. According to Heidi Golledge, CEO of CareerBliss, “When finding their true ‘career bliss,’ the Class of 2014 needs to know what companies are dedicated to providing successful and positive work environments for young professionals. Companies that provide a strong company culture, training, and good managers to guide new grads through their early careers yield happier and more productive employees.” But Golledge points out that although the list is dominated by large organizations, “a company of any size can become an ideal workplace for today’s new professionals by creating and supporting a positive work culture.” It’s a refrain we often repeat here: Creating positive corporate culture and supportive management are integral to employee success—and an organization’s overall success. Read the full article on]]>

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