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employeeI often write about the importance of creating a strong company culture and how it relates to the success of a company and its employees. But did you know that fostering volunteer programs as a component of your company culture can actually benefit your company? In an article on, writer Christina Desmarais says, “Research has shown that two hours of helping others a week results in higher satisfaction with life, and everybody knows happier employees are more productive than unhappy ones. Volunteering can also turn disengaged employees into motivated ones.” Ryan McCarty, director of customer and employee relations at The Cellular Connection, conducted a survey of 864 employees who were engaged in an employer-sponsored program to give away school supplies to area students in need. According to McCarty, 86 percent said the company’s “culture of good” instilled a sense of fulfillment in their work, and 65 percent said it made them want to stay with the company. Will promoting philanthropy alone reduce employee turnover? McCarty says no; authenticity is key. “It can’t be ‘Okay, this is proven to work as a method of employee engagement or helping our reputation or because of employee retention,'” McCarty says. “I think that needs to be a byproduct, and I think the motivating factor ought to be, What do we value as a company?’ Then it will be authentic.” Read the article at]]>

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