Achieve substantive change with workshops & cloud learning

cloudCerebyte uses the latest in neuroscience to understand what makes people top performers and guides learners to think and act like the best. Working closely with your team, we customize each workshop to fit your company’s language and culture. All participants will believe that this workshop was designed with them in mind. Ranging from four hours to two days, the workshops expose participants to the wisdom of top performers so they understand how to master their roles. Participants engage in practical exercises that build confidence and performance levels. They learn to embrace the best attitudes and behaviors of the best people in their roles. To increase the impact of the workshops, we also provide a cloud learning platform software application for 30, 60, or 90 days. The cloud learning platform:

  • Keeps people engaged while they apply what they’ve learned in the workshop
  • Provides transparency for how people are applying the learning
  • Supports the formation of social learning groups that further enhance the benefits of the program
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