Develop Front-Line Leadership With Quick Start Workshops

improvementhandWithin many organizations, front-line leadership development is often the least supported area, but it arguably encompasses some of the most important positions. These positions are the direct link between your company and the people that most impact your customers. Our Quick Start Workshops for first-line supervisors and middle managers focus on the people in your company who have a huge impact on your bottom line. Learn how to develop:

  • Great front-line supervisors (non-union and unionized)
  • Effective district managers
  • High-performing retail store managers
  • Successful restaurant managers
  • Efficient project managers
  • Leading consultants
  • Strong safety leaders
  • Great insurance agency leaders
The workshops teach participants how the very best people in their roles conceive of their jobs—their higher purpose. Participants learn how to master their roles and gain a deeper understanding of why they’re building their capabilities—and how to build them. Ranging from four hours to two days, the workshops provide practical exercises that build confidence and performance levels. Learn more about all of our Quick Start Workshops today.]]>

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