Exercise to improve job performance

gym dudeMany people say that they simply don’t have the time to exercise. However, recent studies prove that it is crucial to make time in order to improve overall work performance. According to PubMed our mental firepower and our work performance is directly linked to our physical regimen. The cognitive benefits of regular exercise include improved concentration, sharper memory, prolonged mental stamina, enhanced creativity, faster learning and reduced stress, all of which will contribute towards becoming a star performer. A recent study by Leeds Metropolitan University suggested that exercise during work hours may boost performance. The researchers asked 200 employees at a variety of organizations to self-report their performance on a daily basis. Next, they examined the fluctuations within individual employees, comparing their output on days when they exercised to days when they didn’t. On days when the employees exercised they reported better time management, increased productivity, smoother interactions with their co-workers and more importantly they went home feeling satisfied and happy. Those who didn’t exercise reported feeling irritable, more forgetful and processed information more slowly, leading to decreased productivity. If the reason you do not exercise is due to time restraints, bear in mind that exercise will ultimately make you perform faster and more efficiently. Therefore, the time spent exercising is actually contributing to your success on the job (not to mention your overall well being). Many others will often cite lack of motivation for not exercising. A good way to get motivated is to focus on “mastery goals” which according to psychologists are goals that center on achieving new levels of competence. Also, enroll in a class and buy the right clothing and equipment. These additional financial investments will increase your level of commitment and the steady increases in performance will keep you exercising. Another recommendation to keep moving is to become part of a group with similar exercise goals. Find an exercise regimen that involves other people. Socializing makes exercise more fun, increasing the likelihood that you’ll keep it up. Along with that, it’s also a lot harder to bail on a friend or trainer. Regardless of how you go about exercising, reframing it as part of your job will make it easier to find the time. Remember, you’re not neglecting your work in favor of exercise, you’re increasing your productivity and ensuring that the hours you put in have increased value. What creative ways have you found to make exercise part of your daily routine? Source: Harvard Business Review]]>

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