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Businesspeople crossing the finish lineI’m very excited to announce the launch of our new Cerebyte Quick Start Workshops — a fast and efficient way to put your organization’s leaders, managers and employees on the path to top-level performance. At Cerebyte, we understand that in today’s fast-paced environment many organizations face time and budget constraints. These challenges make it difficult for organizations to invest in comprehensive transformational programs. Which is why we have launched Quick Start Workshops as a way to improve performance quickly and cost-effectively. With the Quick Start Workshops, your organization can tap into the knowledge we’ve gained from over 15 years of working with top performers in a wide variety of industries. And we employ many of the same proven training techniques as used in our more extensive programs. Starting with the insights gathered from working with thousands of top-performers in nearly every industry we create a customized workshop program to fit the needs of your organization and employees. We then use the latest education techniques from neuroscience to help everyone learn to think and act like a star performer. The workshop topics include transformational leadership, sales, manufacturing, technical, service, first-line supervisors and middle managers, industry specific and more. Courses can range in length from 4 hours to 2 days depending on the needs of your organization. “Cerebyte’s Affirmative Leadership methodology has proven its effectiveness time and time again in our organization and for our customers,” said Linda O’Neill, Vice President Strategic Services of Vigilant, an expert resource for complex employment-related issues for companies on the west coast. “What Cerebyte is doing with the Quick Start Workshops makes a lot sense. Given the level of performance improvement companies can expect to see, this is an incredible value.” What are your key employee development challenges? How can a Quick Start Workshop help? Post up in comments or drop me a line discuss your needs in more depth. For more information on our Quick Start Workshops go to https://www.cerebyte.com/quick-start-workshops/.]]>

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