Why your employees don’t care about their job

Boss I quitAs a leader, it’s important to make sure your employees truly care about their jobs in order to create a flourishing and productive organization. To do so, you need to first understand what makes people unhappy and disengaged at work. A recent Gallup study found that just 13 percent of employees worldwide are currently engaged at work while 24 percent are actively disengaged. According to the study, one of the reasons for unhappy employees is micro-managing. Instead of letting an individual or team figure out how to achieve an objective, the participants believed that the leader would “hover” and stifle their innovation. Employees also reported feeling like their input was undervalued and as a result they wouldn’t put in the extra effort to voice their opinions. Additionally, they felt as if their boss didn’t really care about them in regards to their health and well-being. When was the last time you asked “how happy are you?” and actually found out why or why not? Another factor that contributed to unhappy employees was a lack of trust on both sides. Many employees felt that they weren’t trusted by their boss when it came to finishing work on time. The employees wanted to be able to do their work and have their manager trust that they would get the job done without set office hours. Participants also said that they didn’t trust their boss. Employees reported feeling like the relationship was simply transactional. How can you expect them to trust you, when you don’t trust them? What incentive do people have to believe in the company’s mission if they don’t trust their own boss? Participants in the study also cited un-productive hiring and firing standards for why they were unhappy. When the leaders didn’t take the time to hire the right people for the job the team’s culture was disrupted. The same held true in regards to firing. Some leaders would let the wrong people stay on far past the expiration date regardless of how bad they were at their job. This made the top performers feel undervalued and think, “If that person still has their job, why am I putting in all this extra effort?” Finally, and arguably the most notable reason why many employees don’t care about their job, is a lack of a clear and compelling mission statement. Everyone needs a compelling purpose to excel in any organization. Without a clear purpose morale and productivity decline. The key is to find and define a great mission statement, something other than “you’re here to make money.” People need something greater than monetary incentive to thrive in any organization. If you give your employees a clear mission statement, show them trust and appreciation, hire and fire the right people and show them that you truly care, then you will get the same response leading to a more productive and well-rounded organization. Source: TechCocktail]]>

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